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ES Content Creative is

a communications consultancy founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Sensky to help brands present themselves in a way that is elegant, compelling and genuine. ECC helps a wide range of clients — from solo entrepreneurs and non-profits to startups and lifestyle brands — communicate their values and missions through copywriting, social media, brand copy and a wide variety of other content.

What I can do for you:

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Copywriting & editing

Crisp & creative storytelling

SEO cognizant

Aesthetically minded


social media_copywriter Amsterdam_ES Content Creative

Social Media

Content curation across channels

Profile management

Email newsletter & campaign integration

Analytics monitoring


    Aligning your content & social to business objectives

    Discovery into the best way to tell your story

    Ensuring your content matches your voice


    Types of content I can help with: 

    • Blogging
    • Web copy
    • Social media posts & curation
    • Email newsletters & campaigns
    • Brand documents
    • News stories & think pieces
    • & more!

    Sharing your truth

    ES Content Creative Your Story

    Your story has power

    People feel understood and connected when they hear something they know to be true. I take your brand's core messages and transform them into language that will resonate with who you are trying to reach. This is what drives my work. I help your clients or customers feel that empowering moment of understanding by connecting with your story or mission. These moments drive us to take actions, actions that carry your brand forward. 


    What's my story?

    My name is Elizabeth Sensky, and I've been blogging and writing online since 2011, when digital content was first picking up speed. I got my start photographing street style and writing weekly trend reports for an international fashion publication while also pursuing a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising. I formalized my experience in online communications while working with a nationally-ranked startup accelerator program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With more than seven years of background in digital content, I specialize in the ability to approach a project from all angles, from initial vision to final execution. This balance between the intangible, creative brainstorming and the tangible, roll-up-the-sleeves work it takes to realize a vision is what my clients say sets me apart.

    "Elizabeth has your best interests in mind."

    — Claudia Schalkx, Managing Partner of Bridge2More

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    I'm interested in projects of all shapes and colors from all over the globe, but there is a special place in my heart for projects with a creative, lifestyle or social focus.