What my clients say..

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Elizabeth works with great autonomy, delivers timely and has your best interests in mind. She does wonders with texts and quickly understands the crux of an issue. I highly recommend Elizabeth for all your content editing and writing.
— Claudia Schalkx, Managing Partner of Bridge2More
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Elizabeth doesn’t just write great copy, she really gets your voice and message and then rewrites it brilliantly! We worked together to reword most of my website and I am still amazed how different the wording is yet it is still so totally me! Elizabeth is very strong in quickly understanding what message you want to send and who your audience is, to then write your words in a way that resonate with the aimed audience.

Having said that … it is just so much FUN to work together. We really got along, so the end result feels more like a bonus after a great afternoon. Would work with Elizabeth again any time and so should you.
— Petra Fisher, LinkedIn Trainer & Coach at Petra Fisher | Corporate LinkedIn Training
It is a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. She really thinks along with you and will give her expert advice where choices need to be made.

On other parts, she provides multiple options of wording to choose from, so the text fits my vision.
And on top of that she works fast and never misses a deadline.
— Inge Droog, Customer Marketing Manager at UTZ
Elizabeth has been working with a community development organization to help create and define our message. She has to manage the issues of gentrification and displacement in her storytelling. I’m impressed by how she has skillfully managed neighborhood tensions and conflict.
— Skip Schwab, Director of Operations at East Liberty Development, Inc.